If your website taking too much time to load and respond then, your visitors will get frustrate and the sales or revenue will decrease. The solution for more sales and revenue is the combination of loading speed and quality content of your website.

The speed of your website is the time taken between user-requested query to the browser and the webpage become visible on the screen.

Now Let’s go through facts that show how your business server speed tends to enhance your revenues and how it is important?

Trending Business cannot survive without a speedy internet and servers.

A slow website has a high bounce rate and lower sales. If your website has a high loading speed that does not load within 3 sec. then visitors will move to the next website. With the low speed, users might build a bad impression against your website.

For the SEO perspective, loading speed is also a ranking factor. Google has a record of web page speed to determine the ranking of the website.

There are different tools available to test server speed and website speed:

GTmatrix, Google PageInsights, Pingdom etc

infographics why is page speed important Slow website reflects low income:

Slower website means having a high bounce rate with fewer sales. In a number of studies, it cleared that, the users will leave a website if it is not accessible between 3 to 6 seconds. You can see how page load time impact on your website revenue?.

With a slower website, frustrated visitors will make a negative perspective related to the website and that will impact on revenue.

Let’s discuss how much loading speed will be enough for a web page?

Google also consider page loading speed as a ranking factor. So it directly affects your website ranking.

The ideal loading time of any website is below 3 seconds.

how to improve site performanceIf your website is loading within 5 seconds then it seems to be good. If it is taking below 10 seconds then it is considered fair. However, if the website taking more than 10 seconds then you are losing website ranking and business growth.

Does Speed of the website Really increase the revenue?

According to the latest research, you can improve 2% of conversion rate by improving the loading speed of the website.

Most of the websites such as Amazon, Shopzilla, Flipcart etc experienced great change in there business by simply speeding up the page load time that is less than 3 seconds.page speed improvement case studys

Interesting Fact: If Amazon increased it’s page load time by 0.1 seconds, they’d lose 1 % of their sales. World popular brand Shopzilla increased by 13% more revenue only by improving the website speed from 6 to 1.2 seconds.

How To Increase Speed of Website?

The speed of any website mainly depends on a few factors such as the architecture of webpages, speed of hosting servers, and database. Here I have explained ways to increase the speed of the website.

Here are some of the many ways to increase your page speed:

  • Minify CSS, JavaScript, and HTML –

To increase the speed of your website you need to optimize your website code. By optimizing the code such as removing space, unnecessary character and commas can dramatically improve website speed.improve web page performance

you also need to remove unused code, formatting, comments etc. To minify your website code you can use Google’s recommended website.

  • Enable compression –

By doing the file compression you can save the space that required for file storage. For file compression, you can use Gzip software application.compress file to improve page load speed

FIle compression is used to compress the large size of files. For image compression, you can use photoshop, other image compression tools.

  • Increase server response time

The response time of your server directly affects your website traffic. It also depends on the resources that your page using.

You can improve your server response time by removing your unnecessary database, adding adequate memory. You can also use a dedicated server to improve your website speed.

  • Minimize HTTP Request

When one page redirects to another page the loading time of page increases and visitors need to face extra waiting time for the request. The additional redirect down the page load speed.

By minimizing the HTTP request you can boost website loading performance. This will increase website loading speed.

  • Use a content distribution network

The content delivery network is also known as content distribution networks (CDNs).

use cdn improve website load timeIt is used to distribute the load of your content. In this, the copies of your website are stored at various data centers. So that user can have fast access to malasiya hosting websites.

  • Optimize images

You need to be sure that the size of images should not be longer than they need and it needs to be in the right format. You can compress the size of the image before uploading without dropping the quality.how to improve loading speed of websiteThere are various tools available to compress images. You can use the tinypng to compress the image size. So, this will helps you achieving faster loading speed.

For more details you can go through the below article, which will surely help you to boost your website speed. Speed Up 4x website Loading Time (Recent Study)

Final Words:

Ultimately, a very fast server is the most important asset of any business in our modern world can ever acquire. There are also other factors to consider such as high bandwidth, internet speed, and bounce rates.

Bandwidth describes the level of traffic, and the amount of data that can be transferred between your site, users, and the Internet.