Are you dreaming about your own dedicated server but are not ready for some reason? Our VDS-based KVM virtualization technology is your perfect choice! It is ready just in a few clicks and can be upgraded easily. DedicatedCore is the best VDS platform across the globe that offers various ranges of VPS of a dedicated server.

Your web applications will run on an operating system like Windows or Linux if you use a virtual dedicated server.

Virtualization Technology in VPS – What is it?

Virtualization is a technology that allows you to create a virtual server that runs in a virtual machine on top of your physical server.

A virtual server can be configured to run any operating system and can be shared among multiple users, meaning that you don’t have to dedicate an entire server just for one user’s use.

Virtual Dedicated Server – VDS SERVER.

A virtual dedicated server is a virtual machine that operates on a dedicated server. Virtual dedicated servers are ideal for businesses that lack the resources to purchase a physical dedicated server but require the performance and security of a dedicated server to run their operations.

The dedicated virtual server user is granted root-level administrative access as part of the virtual dedicated server hosting service. A VDS configuration provides remote dedicated server resources. DedicatedCore is one inexpensive VDS server hosting that offers network-level DDoS defense.

In Short, Differentiate VDS from VPS/Dedicated Server:

VPS, VDS, or Dedicated Server are likely to be similar terms, but VPS/VDS is in use most commonly as compared to a dedicated server. The reason to use VPS/VDS is cost efficiency, convenience to manage, and ease to switch.

  • VDS: VDS has the same capabilities as a Dedicated server, which means it provides a similar resources experience as the dedicated server that accesses and controls.
  • VPS: A virtual machine called a VPS runs on a remote server. It is comparable to a dedicated server, but it has some differences that make it more adaptable and affordable.
  • Dedicated Server: Dedicated server is a sub-type of server hosting that provides a private, dedicated and secure network environment for your server.

What type of server, Do I need

Server hosting refers to web hosting services that include all components required for website operation. A full hosting server is created by combining computing hardware, storage, an operating system, network connectivity, and specialized web hosting software.

Now, we will discuss the difference between VDS over VPS in detail…

Virtual Private Server – Standard virtualization

VPS gives you total control over your own server resources, including the operating system and database software. You can install any type of software you want on your own VPS server and make changes as necessary. DedicatedCore is one inexpensive VPS hosting package that is tastefully designed for your increasing deals.


  • High Performance: These servers are fast, reliable, and stable. They provide the performance you need for your business with no lag time.
  • Flexibility: VPS allows you to choose between many different operating systems and applications that can be installed and can be customized according to your needs.
  • Security: Choosing between various degrees of security based on your needs, VPS offers firewall and anti-virus software to help guard against potential threats, hackers, viruses, etc.
  • Access Control: gives control over system resources including RAM, storage, the CPU, etc. as well as root access.
  • Cost-Effective: VPS servers are less expensive than other types of servers since they use less hardware.


  • This server is used for any kind of website, including blogs and online stores.
  • Servers used for hosting software development projects.
  • Servers are used for security, as it is hosted in the cloud it’s protected by others servers.
  • Servers are used by individuals who want to run their own personal websites without having to buy an expensive desktop computer or laptop computer.

Virtual Dedicated Server – Almost Dedicated

Businesses that want high-availability applications and services should consider a VDS. Without having to worry about hardware, you may scale up or down as necessary. DedicatedCore has the KVM-based technology to run your server.


  • Performance: For the best application performance, the VDS includes strong hardware components.
  • Security: The VDS has advanced security features that protect your company’s data and help keep your network safe from unauthorized access.
  • Reliability: The VDS provides 24/7 support and maintenance so you can be confident that it will always be available when you need it.
  • Complete OS access: it gives the users full OS access as well as unrestricted root or administrator permissions. Users are able to customize the VDS to suit their particular demands.


  • VDS Serves fast, reliable access to your website and applications.
  • Offers your website with DDoS attacks and other kinds of malicious activity.
  • Making it easier for you to expand your business by allowing you to run multiple sites on one physical server.
  • Is used to provide high availability while reducing costs and increasing scalability.

Dedicated Server – Your Own Server

It is an excellent hosting for your own website or unique applications that only needs a single server. Dedicated servers are fast, secure, and easy to manage. More here servers can be configured with the perfect amount of RAM and processor power for your needs. DedicatedCore offers you the best services at affordable pricing.


  • More control: You are in charge of your dedicated server and can customize it however you want.
  • Scalability: There are no restrictions on how many clients you can service simultaneously or how many servers you can install without replacing all of your hardware. with only one server that is dedicated.
  • Fast Speeds: Every server has a unique dedicated IP address, so even if one goes down or becomes overloaded with traffic, it won’t affect other websites on that server.


  • Providing a place for your site to live
  • Supporting multiple sites and applications on one server
  • Providing a secure environment for your users.
  • providing specialist services that shared hosting companies might not supply

This overview, at last, explains how VDS and VPS are different from each other.