Website speed is an important criterion for online business. Because whenever your website speed will go down then you’re losing your potential customer.

Below tips are practically followed and practiced techniques for faster loading website.

“Even 1-second loading speed cost Amazon $1.6 billion American dollars”

  • Website loading speed affects your business. So, you should optimize the website for good loading speed.
  • Your loading speed and the conversation rate is directly proportional. The website loading speed plays a crucial role in online business.
  • Especially e-commerce websites fully depend on their website performance. So, faster loading speed directly involves in the revenue of the company. Below techniques are you can use to increase your website speed well.
  • So, in this article, I will give you tips to increase the website speed performance.

1. Optimize Website Speed by Reducing Image Size:

Your website may look really beautiful with high-quality images. But the high-quality images may occupy more storage space.

website speed test

This results in slow loading speed. More than image quality, website loading performance is very important.

You can compress the images before uploading them.

Use the tinypng website for compress the images size without losing the image quality. You can use plugins like Wp smush or Tinypng to reducing the already using image sizes.

So, this will helps you achieving faster loading speed.

2. Use Lightweight Themes to Better Speed Improvisation.

website speed optimization test

  • Heavy themes having more server request. So, it ultimately reduces the website loading speed.
  • To increase the website speed you need to use lightweight and quality themes. So, by using lightweight themes, you will end up reducing the website loading speed.

So, this will improve website loading performance.

3. Minimize HTTP Request – Speed up Connection Time

how to make web pages load faster

  • Http requests also slow the site. Because it will redirect HTTP to https. So that it will be slow in speed.
  • Then, you have to identify the HTTP requesting URLs then you can increase the website loading speed.
    This is the easiest way to boost website loading performance. This will increase website loading speed.

4. Content Distribution Techniques – Use a CDN network

website speed optimization

  • Use a content delivery network for your website. CDN network helps to load the site faster.
  • If your audiences are nearby your geographical location then CDN comes handy.
  • You can use Cloudflare CDN services. And it’s absolutely free. So, this will helps you achieving faster loading speed on your website.

5. Use a Browser Cache Mechanism to Improve Repeat User Experience:

  • Browser cache allows the old website visitors to see the copies of the individual pages.
  • But enable the browser cache helps the website loading faster.
  • In WordPress, you can use Plugins like w3 total cache which increase the loading speed and enable the browser caches.

6. Above Maximum Redirects (Time Saving & Faster Performance)

  • Redirect pages slow down that particular pages. So, avoid redirecting as much as possible.
  • You can redirect the pages in the required situation. But it may slow the website loading performance.
  • Increase the website loading performance by avoiding the redirects or minimize the redirects.
  • So, this will helps you achieving faster loading speed on your website.

7. Always Use Latest CMS Version – Be Updated with Lastest Speed Optimization Technique.

  • Updating your Content managing system (CMS) helps improve your website loading speed.
  • The new coming update boosts the performance.
  • So, update your WordPress for the new version. This helps you improve the website loading speed.

8. Upgrade to Better Hosting Plan (High Performing Service)

how to reduce loading time of website in php

  • You may start with a shared hosting plan.
  • But when your website visitors increase or data sizes increases then you need to update your web hosting plan to dedicated or semi-dedicated hosting plan.
  • So, this is the necessary step for improving the website loading speed.

9. Minify the Java and CSS Scripts – Reduce Loading Time:

Minimizing the javascript is to reduce the reduce the server response time then it will increase the website loading speed performance.

website speed optimization test

By doing this increase the website loading speed to the higher limit.

10. Choose the Right Hosting Company with Litespeed Technology for WordPress:

  • Hosting is the heart of the website which fuels the website loading speed. While making a decision choose the best hosting provider for your website.
  • Choose the right hosting options whether shared hosting, VPN hosting, Semi-dedicated hosting, Cloud hosting or dedicated hosting based on your website requirement.
  • This is the most important area to concentrate on for good loading speed performance.

11. Avoid Unnecessary Plugin for Your WordPress:

Ways to Speed Up Your Website

  • Using so many plugins on your website will affect your loading speed. So reduce the plugins.
  • Use the plugins which you need more. Avoid not using the plugins. You can use a single plugin for many functions.
  • Say for example Rankmath helps you in SEO and provide rich snippet also. So, avoid having moiré plugins on the website.

So, this will helps you achieving faster loading speed on your website.

12. Timely Monitor Your Website Speed and Performance:

  • You can monitor the speed performance by website speed test sites like Gtmetrix and Pingdom tool.
  • Those are the website helps you optimize your website loading speed. It will gives suggestion for improvement.
  • You can solve the problem of the issues and can improve the loading speed.

13. Turn On Gzip Compression – To Reduce Size of Content/Data

website load test

These are the tips are practically implemented. So, you can also improve your website loading performance by applying these methods.

  • Zip compression technology minimizes the size of the browser-based Http response.
  • It ultimately helps in boosting the website loading performance.
  • This one you can do it by optimizing the .htaccess file on your website.


This article covers the tips of how you can reduce the loading speed and enable the faster loading site.

These are the tips are practically implemented. So, you can also improve your website loading performance by applying these methods.

If you have any other doubts then command below.