SEO Expert knows that Google has officially launched different animals and it’s impacted a lot on SEO rankings. In that page load time is plays a vital role in ranking. It means that, if you are greedy about SEO and dream to see your website appears in the first page on Google.In case, if slow response then you are killing your sales and revenue generation opportunity.

Actually, the speed of your website means the time required load your website on the system after it has been requested from the browser. The most recent survey shows that loading speed of website has a deep impact on lead generation. Speed up of your website is important, and slower speed of the website could simply frustrate your potential users repeatedly.

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It’s time to think about pagespeed optimization…

According to survey, 90% of world users carry smart phones. In many countries number of smartphone user is surprisingly increasing as compared to desktop users. Mobile friendly, mobile optimized websites are performing better. You can see a clear picture below about mobile users.

smartphone page abandonment load time

In this case, we need to primarily think of website performance like responsive design, page speed, and easy navigation.

Is slow page load time reflects revenue factor?

Usually, the slower websites having giant bounces with less or poor sales. A plenty of research has proved that the average visitors will evacuate your website if it is not loaded in less than 4-5 seconds.

speed page load time effect conversion

Slow website speed is not a single reason to decrease your valuable sales but the disappointed visitors are likely to build negative impact or perception about your business.

How can Speed of the Website Increase the Revenue?

Did you know the world most popular brand Myntra generated 17% more revenue by simply improve the site speed from 7 seconds to 2.4 seconds?

It is open, not hidden terms that Google maintains the records of web speed to rank sites. You can check speed of your own website by

On the basis of recently calculated formula, you can improve 2-3% of conversion rate by speed up of the website. Myntra, Amazon, Yahoo, Flipkart, and Mozilla experienced a boost in business by increasing the page load speed of the website with less than 2 seconds.

  • Myntra increased 17% revenue along with 35% increased page views average.
  • Amazon got 13% increase in the traffic.
  • Flipkart got 40 million more downloads by easy improving in the page speed 2.1 seconds

consumers expect web page load seconds conversion lead

Hope now understood better the impact of page load speed.

These are 5 common reasons of slow page load time…

There are plenty of terms which can affect page load time. But these two are the major issues, so have a look on them.

#1 Bad looping in programming create a serious issue in performance.

Suppose that, your website is getting load slowly, then you should need to check your programming. Sometimes, looping creates a major issue which causes more loading time.

e.g. while(1){ — infinite loop— }

You need to check your website programming from your programmer. Surely you will get the best performance on page load time. Most of the time, WordPress users are trying to install different themes. Some themes create compatibility issues, or might just be poorly coded.

#2 Poor quality of web hosting performance.

The second way, you should attend and look at the quality of your web hosting and configuration of the web server itself.

Actually what you get for you pay

In case, if you are using cheap shared web hosting services.You can’t think that how many other users were sharing the same bandwidth and connections that you have. Nature of bandwidth or connection is like a water pipe. There is a limit to how much water can flow through the pipe at a time. The more people want the speed at the other end, less share they will each receive.

#3 Avoid Excessive use of JavaScripts & unnecessary CSS code:

If your website contains a lot of JavaScript and unnecessary code of CSS included in CSS files on your website. Sometimes your visitor’s systems are not compatible with these files individually. Then it directly leads to an increase in the number of requests that slows down your website.

average page load time website conversion

So that, it’s better to eliminate unused scripts and unnecessary CSS code in the website. We recommend you to minimize or eliminate the unnecessary HTML/CSS code and make it as short & simple but useful. With the use of cssnano, you can reduce page load time for best results.

Test & Improve Performance Here: PingDom Speed Test

#4 Sharp Eye on: Themes, Plugins, and Comments

If your website is based on WordPress and your dashboard is getting overburden with undesirable or un-useful WordPress plugins. Then all the plugins start working when a visitor requested it will take the time to load a particular page.

effect website speed revenue

Unofficial themes and spamming comments are also the factors for your website to get loads slowly. By removing these types of unutilized WP plugins, additional or inactive themes, and those non-required additional comments is a perfect way to boost your website. By removing “comment codes” from backend files like CSS/HTML website loads faster.

#5 Imprudent Access for social share script:

Most of the website owners are just insert social media scripts over there website pages. In every post of their blog, they inserted many social media scripts to share the post. This creates a burden on the website page & at the backend social media sites simultaneously run the heavy script.

onpage load slow website performance

Although these social media sharing sources at the end of your each post pages allow users to easily share the post. But it is very harmful to load script of all the sharing options at each page. At every contact page of the website as owner of the website add a lot of load on the website.This is also a strong reason to take more time to load the website.

Final Words… This is the correct time to take serious action on page loading time. This will definitely increase the Quality, revenue and user engagement.

Additionally, if you are high traffic website and having visitors from the globe then Content Delivery Network is best choice for it.

And, finally who doesn’t like a website that page loads faster?!

Best Wishes from remote…