Are you confused about why you need to use SSL and how it will benefit your site? Then this guide helps you to know the importance of SSL and Benefit of using it. Let’s see what is SSL?

SSL stands for “secure socket layer”. SSL is the encryption technology that encrypts the connection between the website and the visitor.

It is used to establish a secure connection between the client and the server through HTTPS protocol. Nowadays, SSL is very important for every website. Even google like search engines also giving more importance to SSL encrypted websites.

demostration of ssl certificate, server and client encryptionSo, in this guide, we are going to discuss why SSL certificate is very important and the benefit of using that.

Why SSL Certificate Is Important? Do I Really Need SSL?

SSL is establishing a safe connection between the online visitor’s browser and client. Without SSL certificate your connection would not be secured.

ssl certificate connection used forSSL allows you to send private and sensitive information like credit card details and payment and other payment credentials without worrying about data tampering and message forgeries.

Google Makes SSL Mandatory In 2018:

Google announced SSL certificate is mandatory in 2018. It gave the timeline to all the website owners to update their SSL certificates. From that time onwards, it’s avoiding the site that does not have an SSL certificate.

If the site is not having SSL then it will start shows a “Not secured” message to the visitor. 85% of online web visitors avoid unsecured websites.

google makes ssl certificate mandatorySo, it very important for tall the website to install the SSL, otherwise, you will see the traffic decline and drop in website visitors. This is the reason you need to use it on your website.

Benefits of Using SSL certificate

If you got the question why SSL certificate is required? then below I have explained the benefits of using SSL for your website.

1. SSL Protecting the Sensitive Data

The importance of an SSL certificate is to protect the server-client information. On installing the SSL, the data is encrypted means it locked and nobody can use it. This will protect sensitive information like credit card detail, login, and password, etc.

So, SSL will help you to prevent information leaks from hackers. For a website like banking and stock investing sites are very important for them to install the SSL certificate for their website. Encryption technology blocks the hacker activities from stealing the data from the website.

2. SSL affirms your website identity – Gives Authentication to Website

This advantage of using SSL gives authentication to the website. Identity verification is crucial in online. So, SSL proves the website is a real and safe one to browse on the internet.

If you want to install an SSL certificate for your website, then you must go through the validation process in order to install the SSL certificate.

This verification is done by a third party authority called certified authority. Depending upon the certification required for the site, CA verifies the company and your details.

This helps to identify the fake website on the internet. If you have SSL, then it will show your site as safe and real. So, SSL helps create a trust in your website for users and also saves your website visitors from the frauds.

3. Boost your website’s SEO Ranking

Like we discussed earlier, Google makes SSL mandatory for the entire website. And it gives SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) ranking based on this.

In 2014 google algorithm update gives more preference to the site which enabling SSL certificate to their website.

This has been believed by all the SEO experts that SSL certificate plays the role in google ranking. Many SEO experts suggesting having SSL is helps achieving higher search engine ranking in the SERP results.

Out of 200 SEO ranking factors, SSL certificate also plays a significant role in ranking the keyword in the SERP results page. Now, a day’s it’s hard to see the website pages on the first page without having the SSL. This will gives you the clear importance of SSL certificate.

4. SSL helps you satisfy the PCI/DSS requirement

PCI means the payment card industry. If you are accepting payment and selling products online through your website then you need to PCI compliant. So, having SSL will satisfy this requirement.

All e-commerce sites and online product selling sites should pass the PCI compliant guideline. So, it’s important to have SSL in place for that. Then only I will help your visitors trust your site. And also the visitor can pay you safely and securely without facing the issues.

benefits of ssl certificate5. SSL helps to create a trust to the customer

SSL creates trust with your online customers. Apart from mandatory encryption/authentication, it gives a good impression and trust from the customer’s point of view.

Customers also very much aware of this data, they will not do any transaction to the website showing “not secured”. Having the SSL certificate helps your business to show the domain is secured. So, you should install it from the beginning of your website started.

6. Keep your Website secure

SSL certificate is used to kicking out the hacker. All the information is protected and nobody can’t misuse the data. So, that SSL certificate helps the website being hacked or securing from stealing the data.

So, installing the SSL certificate helps you protect your website information, your customer data, and your website as well. This is the reason, you need SSL in place to remain your website data safe.

7. Safety for all your subdomains

A strongly secured SSL certificate for the main domain helps you to secure all your subdomains and you don’t need to install so many SSL certificates.

For example, you have the as the main domain and having the and as the two subdomains. So, if you install SSL certificate only for the main website then it’s enough for you to secure the whole site.

This is really helpful if you are a website owner with so many subdomains for the website. But if you want separate subdomains then you need to install the different SSL certificates for each.


I have discussed the importance and why its needs for the website in this guide. I hope it helps you to understand the advantage of having the SSL for your website.

That being said in the modern technology era, your website to be on the internet, it’s very important to have an SSL certificate in place. If you see some other advantage of SSL that is missing here then let me know. If you have any other doubts then ask me in the command section.