While using a laptop or any other device we probably heard about term disk space and clearing data of disk space, but beyond that, there is also disk space in web hosting. Do you know about that?

What is Disk Space in Web Hosting?

Disk space is an amount of space available on the server to store the content such as images, text, video, database, etc. of your website. It is also known as storage or webspace.

All elements of the website need space to store on webspace, including:

  • Files related to WordPress installation
  • Media content, like videos and images
  • HTML code files and CSS elements

If you add more blog posts, videos, and images the more space will occupy on disk. After a while, you will face issue like no more disk space available.

We usually get attracted by unlimited disk space. But that is not true and they cannot also give unlimited. Once, your disk space is over then you need to upgrade. But before upgrading it,

Think about how to reduce disk uses related to the below elements.

  • Installed software – know about upgraded script getting heavier
  • Databases – Is it bigger in size?
  • Webmail accounts – check unnecessary email account
  • Websites – Check subsites in your account

If you are facing that problem then this article will help you solve that issue. In this article, you will find 16 different ways to optimize your used disk space.

Check Current Disk Space Usage:

First you need to check current disk space uses for that you need to do below steps:

Log in to your cPanel account.

After that you need to go Files section > Disk Space Usage menu: here you will find the detailed disk usage stats.

For cPanel Basic Theme:

check disk space uasgeFor cPanel Retro Theme:

optimize your used hosting diskspaceAfter checking disk usages you can follow the below steps to optimize used hosting disk space.

16 Ways to Optimize Disk Space

Here you will find tips on how to optimize disk uses that will help you to reuse.

1. Delete your old emails from a web account-

All the email you received in the past is not needed now. You can keep the important email somewhere safe. You don’t need the useless email that you can’t delete.

These all the emails are eating up your disk space. So, consider moving the important email somewhere and utilize this disk space. You can delete all the old emails, this space generates some storage for utilizing some spaces.

2. Clean up your WordPress Files-

Anything is unused should be deleted in this step. You may have some files that are not useful to you now on your WordPress website. So, consider deleting it. The Files are as follows,

  • Unused theme
  • Spammy commands
  • Draft Post that not going to publish
  • Inactive plugins
  • Broken links
  • Spam Users
  • Post Revisions

These unwanted files are deleted from WordPress and it will give some space to optimize your hosting data storage.

3. Test file need to delete-

Once you completed your testing then you need to delete your file from the server. These testing files hold your lot of hosting space and do not provide any value.

different way to optimize hosting account spaceSo, you can delete the file and free up some space. You can avoid using more test files in the future for saving the hosting storage space.

4. Disable your website script-

Awstats, Webalizer, and other scripts can be removed. These traffic analysis tools are really excellent and give you a lot of statistics.

But it will eat your majority of disk space. That’s the reason why you need to remove the Awstats and Webalizer consider removing it.

5. Consider a script replacement than an upgrade-

If the upgrade is too heavy then consider a script replacement. You can switch this to another small hosting account.

Otherwise, you can minimize the installation. Switching another account is the best option, because you will pay for only the small hosting space in that account then replace the script.

6. Move your sub-sites to some other hosting account-

You can move your subsites to some other hosting accounts of the same hosting or some free platform like WordPress, blogger, or Wix.

how to free up disk space on website hostingIt will give some space and also you can give more priority to your main blog. In this way, you can save space and money instead of paying for upgrading the plan.

7. Move your email account somewhere-

Moving your email account elsewhere makes some room. keeping it will eat up your lot of space in the near future as well. Moving this will extend your hosting space further.

You can either move to another place or you can consider deleting it. So that it will optimize your storage space on hosting.

8. Host your media on external servers-

Videos, Images, audio files are the heaviest ones considering the storage space. So that file can be a move to some external server. So, don’t keep the media file, you can move it or delete the file.

Use some external server space and move this file from here to that place. In this way, you will end up saving the space.

9. Delete log files-

Log files are useful to monitor your hosting account. But once you checked then no need to keep them on the server. So, consider removing it from the server so it can extend the hosting disk space.

If you feel it will need then you can move to some other server then you can utilize this.

10. Remove old installation-

There is no use of keeping the uninstalled old files on the server. Once you uninstall the application or whatever. Consider removing it from the hosting account space.

remove backup, installation to optimize disk usageYou can delete the old uninstalled files easily from the server space. It will give some more space to your hosting account

11. Remove your installation backups-

When you update WordPress then you will need the backup file for having it safe. But Once you update the CMS then its no need to keep the old backup files with you. In this case, once the update is over then you have to consider deleting the old backup file, and there is no deal of keeping with you.

12. Remove the installation documents-

Whenever you’re installing a script then one document is occupied in the server which is the user guide. This guide can be quite useful as a reference file. It’s unnecessary for the script, so consider removing this file safe.

Either you can remove it or change it to another server. This process helps you save some space on your web hosting account.

13. Don’t allow your users to upload any media files-

If you are running the forums or membership site or blog readers to upload any media files like images or videos. This can eat more space from your hosting space.

Your disk space and bandwidth need to be protected, so don’t allow them to waste it. You have to restrict the option to upload files then you can save the storage space.

14. Minimize your CSS

This minimizing method helps you load faster and more efficiently with the use of external stylesheets. To make the CSS lighter, you can minimize the coding by removing the indentation.

minimize css,html to optimize disk spaceThis will free up space and increase your website loading speed as well. So, you should consider minimizing it and it will help you optimize the hosting storage space.

15. Lighten your HTML pages-

Don’t use the flash file for including your videos on web pages. Because flash drives are very high. So, you can use HTML video tag as an alternative to that and it’s very light and efficient also.

So, this will lighten your web page loading speed and also you can keep your videos without any heaviness. So, use the HTML video tag for saving the storage space.

16. Contact your hosting provider-

After trying all the methods, still, your website is ordinary and does not have any heavy files then contact your hosting provider. Maybe they had limited space.

Otherwise, it’s because of your heavy data only, then you can ask for a solution with them. You can negotiate with the hosting provider for some extra space, they will offer some right solution for the issue. This can be your last method if any of the above-mentioned methods are not helping you then go with this method.


Optimizing the web hosting space needs a lot of attention and care for not making any issues. So, you can use this above 16 methods to optimize disk space. You can follow this guide to doing it and you don’t need any developer.

If you have any other method to optimize the hosting space that is not mentioned here then let us know. If you still have any doubt or you have any other different ways to optimize then let us know in the command section.