When you’re going to start your new business, you need a website. Then the first thing you need to decide the domain name, which is followed by an extension.

To set up a company website or a personal blog, the .com domain shows you mean business. The .com domain name extension is the most popular domain name. It is one of the most famous Top Level Domains (TLDs) on the web.

Some Overview Points

Nowadays there are more than 1,500 top-level domains to choose from, then why .com domain?

Behind this, there are several primary reasons for dot-com popularity.

Past Behind .COM Domain:

When the domain name system was initially implemented the .com domain extension was created in 1985. It is created as one of the first six Top Level Domains (TLDs).

From the start, .com is considered as a trusted TLD. The name of the first website that claims for .com domain was Symbolics.com, a computer manufacturer.

Over 141 million .com domains have been registered.

Does .com Still Have the Same Importance?

In the past several years, there are a number of domain extensions that have exploded. With all of these new TLDs .com is still the answer for your business.

How to Check .COM Domain Name Availability?

To check the .com domain names availability you need to enter your domain name and check whether it is available or not, If it is available you can register for it.

register a .com domain name

You can also check the details of the registered domain name from WHOIS.

DomainRacer is one of the best and cheapest domain name and web hosting provider with free domain privacy protection. The privacy protection is used to hide the details from WHOIS.

Here, I have explained some points to be considered as why .com domain name is the king of domain names.

Why Choose .COM Domain Name?

Here are some benefits that explain how .com is better than other domain names and does it matters?

1. 48% of websites uses .COM domain extension-

The unbelievable majority of websites use the .COM to make an online presence. This domain extension is known as the most popular top-level domains worldwide. Nearly 48% of websites use .Com Domain Extension.

need .com domain name registrationWith popularity, the domain name ending with .com is always in high demand, and demand always comes with authority.

After so many decades later, it uses nearly all major brands. In fact, businesses and companies are ready to pay thousands and even more to buy premium .COM domain names.

2. .COM domain have more popularity than other-

Most of the well-known brand’s website and online business websites end with .com domain extension.

In fact, according to a list of top 500 Fortune companies 495 of used .COM domain extensions. Remaining 5 used other extensions.

available .com domain names listThere are more than 141 million .COM registrations are available. So when the name of websites come most of the people assume .com as a domain extension.

3. .COM domain gives reliability to your brand-

There are thousands of alternative domain extensions available, but many people are not familiar with the new ones.

When you see the .com domain extension website you will feel reliability to the related brand. Though it is more costly than others but more reliable.

4. Sometimes Search engine Optimization can favor .COM domains over others-

Domain name is also one factor in SEO to increase the ranking of websites in the search results.

The click-through rate is a well-known fact about SEO. If the number of clicked increases this will affect the site’s position in the results. Sites that have more CTR, then there are more chances to boost in search results.
choose .com domain name
As we discuss .com addresses are more reliable then there are more chances to get a larger number of the clicks.

5. The .COM Domain has no TLD related rules

Many top-level domains including gTLDs (generic top-level domains) and ccTLD (country code top-level domains) have domain-specific rules.

For example – if you want to register a .us or .ca domain extension then you need to live in the United States or Canada, respectively.

Other domain extensions also have Policy agreements and rules that you need to accept. With the .com domain you don’t have any LTD related rules.

Alternatives to .com Domain – Worth Considering

No matter however the domain that you want is not available, you can go with another TLD. There are so many top LTD to choose from. Here I have explained some top alternatives to .com domain name. They also have there own benefits.

  • .IO – Excellent alternative to .com for technology and startup business.
  • .net – as far, trust and seniority goes to .com and .net domain name.
  • .co – It is an international domain representing “company” or “corporation. It becomes widely accepted

If you have a doubt related to how to select domain name then you can go through this article:

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In Conclusion –

From the above points, it is clear that .com is well known and strongly rooted in people’s minds. So when you are going to purchase, no doubt you can go for .com domain extension.