There are many platforms available for building your website. But WordPress is using by the majority of people all over the world than any other platform.

The WordPress platform on the web powers more than 50% of the website. So looking at the above statics, you can understand the number of users.

why use wordpress blogging platform 2018

The above statics are taken from the famous 100 blogs/website around the world. The majority of people are using WordPress only for their website.

In this post, I will explain, why you should use WordPress for your website.  Before we are going to see why to choose WordPress, I will discuss what WordPress is.

7 Reasons to Choose WordPress for Your Website:

WordPress is a content management system (CMS), which is a software to organize your content on your website.

WordPress is a unique platform compare to blogger and magneto because of its user-friendly and SEO optimized platform. Let’s discuss why you should choose WordPress than any other platform.

1. WordPress is User-friendly: Easy to Use

WordPress is easy to use by everyone. You don’t need to be techy to access WordPress. Anybody can use it, and there are no technical skills required.

benefits of wordpress website userfriendly

Its user-friendly platform, that is the reason why everyone is like it. It’s not only easy to manage and also you can start your website super easy, thanks to its easy configuration process.

It will not take much time to learn all the basics of WordPress. Compare to all other platforms like

  • Wix
  • Drupal
  • Joomla

it’s quite easy for a non-technical person. In my experience, WordPress is like using Microsoft office word software.

The same Microsoft word user-friendly and easy to use feel, you will get here. If you love simplicity in design then it’s for you. Its functionality and the options are designed in the way that easy to use by the end user.

2. WordPress is Free: A Totally Free Software

Yes, you are heard it right, WordPress is a free software that you can use for your website. You don’t need to spend any money on using WordPress. It’s available in and there you can download the software.

wordpress business website free

The only expenses you having is domain and hosting charges. So, its free CMS platform for your website with a lot of functionalities. You can install free WordPress software on your hosting provider cpanel.

It’s default available on all hosting provider cpanel. Don’t use free website. In the self-hosted website, only you can get all the benefits of WordPress.

Don’t use free platform. Use for your site to get the benefit of WordPress. Read this article for the understanding difference between a free website and self-hosted website with WordPress hosting in India.

3. Unique Designs: By Using Themes

You don’t need coding skill to make your website looks beautiful. Using WordPress, you can install a variety of themes to your website for looking great.

wordpress meaning choose wordpress

There are many free themes are available in WordPress that you can utilize to get better website design. Paid themes give a lot of customizing option.

And if you want to hire some website designers to make it more elegant then that also you can do. It’s easy for you to optimize your website design using WordPress platform.

So, using WordPress is benefitted us to create some excellent website design.

4. SEO Friendly: Helps in Ranking

WordPress is SEO friendly, and it will give you excellent SEO result. Generally, WordPress is designed as an SEO optimized platform.

use wordpress for business website

Installing plugins like Yoast SEO and Rankmath will boost your website ranking and traffic performance. Like those plugin, you will get a variety of SEO plugin to optimize your website content to rank in Google.

It makes your job easy for you to optimize your website for SEO. All the SEO plugins and the WordPress features help your website to get SEO optimized.

So, its always the best platform for SEO optimized website.

5. Useful Plugins: Additional Benefits

WordPress is having a variety of free and paid plugins. Its have a solution for all your needs. You will get plugins for

  • SEO
  • Creating forms
  • Cookies catching
  • Woocommercs (for e-commerce websites).

You have a variety of plugins for all your needs. You can install all the plugins with one click installation. It’s possible to use plugins for all your needs including

best wordpress themes for small business

Security disallows spam links from commands, optimizing the website for mobile search and many more. So, it helps you with managing your website using WordPress.

It is the reason why WordPress is standing from all other CMS software.

6. Highly Secured: Security Always Matters

WordPress designed in the way to secure your website from hackers. Its secured your website from malware attack. And WordPress allows automatic update of WordPress and all the plugins.

top reasons to use wordpress

And for extra security, you have free Security plugins in WordPress. Over the years, WordPress is giving more importance to Website Security by using a strong password and blocking the hacking attempts.

You can use a strongly generated password for login and you have a lot of security plugins both premium and free.  So, it’s always highly secured using WordPress for the trusted malasiya website than other any platforms out there.

7. WordPress Community: A Group to Improve WordPress

WordPress is having a vast number of working professionals all over the world. WordPress is having forums, slack community, and official social media channels to reach them for help.

wordpress business plan review

More than that WordPress will conduct the event to connect with WordPress developers and WordPress lovers. Once you install WordPress, then you can see the information about the event near your local area.

 You can even contribute WordPress by-

  • Creating plugins
  • Tutorial videos
  • Design
  • Translation
  • Event planning
  • Training

So, it easy to connect with WordPress event organizers and volunteers. You can utilize that event to meet a lot of like-minded people.


Now, I hope you understand the reason why you should use WordPress for your website. These are the seven major benefits of using WordPress. But many more benefits are there using the WordPress platform.

Now WordPress supports PHP 7 as well. In the future, we can get many updates from WordPress. So, it’s always the right choice for anyone to go for WordPress.

If you are using WordPress, then leave your experience with WordPress in the command section.