The Internet is used for different purposes. There are unlimited numbers of websites on the internet which are providing different services. With the passage of time, the number of websites on the internet is increasing rapidly.

There are 1,778 billion websites are online right now and they all need hosting services.

If you want to buy a website then you’ll need to know about web hosting and why you need it. Let’s discuss what is web hosting is and how it works.

Know about Web Hosting

When you buy a website, you need to store some important data or files of your website in some kind of storage. You cannot use your laptop or PC storage to store those online files. In this matter, web hosting will help you in storing those files.

Web hosting is a thing that stores your website’s important data like CSS files, media, documents, files, and many more things. It is used to get your website online.

In simple words, different companies offer web hosting. When you buy web hosting of any company then the company will allow you to store your website’s data in their server.

We can say that buying web hosting is actually buying online storage for the website.

FAQ 1/3 –

Q 1. Why Do You Need Web Hosting?

If you want to buy a complete website, you will have to buy a domain name and also web hosting. In short, you need web hosting to make your website alive. 

Q 2. If I buy a domain name do I need hosting? 

The answer is yes. You need hosting because the domain name is just an address to your website. If you’ll have no web hosting, you’ll not able to store any media, documents or anything on your website. 

So, in simple words, your website will be useless with hosting. Domain and hosting together make a complete website.

Why you need web hosting?

Let’s discuss some important facts about why you need web hosting?

know about web hosting basics

  • Complete control in your hand –

There are also free platforms of web hosting like bloggers. But these free web hosts are not very safe. You have to follow all the terms and conditions of those free web hosts.

If you are using a free web hosting platform and you have a large number of data. In simple words, you’ll have no control over your website data if the website going down.

On the other hand, paid web hosting gives complete control to the buyer of web host services. Your data, files, and documents of your website will be safe in this kind of hosting.

  • Different Options of Customization –

In free web hosting platforms, you’ll be unable to customize your website in different beautiful ways. You will have some restricted customization options only.

However, paid web hosting WordPress offers great features. This type of web hosting offers great access to customization. You can customize your website according to your thoughts and needs.

You will experience a large number of different plugins which will help you in different points. It depends on you, which kind of web hosting you choose.

  • Tight Website Security –

Free web hosting platforms are not enough secure for your website. Your data could be hacked or lost. In simple words, web hosting with free, do not offer complete security services.

Benefits-web-hostingOn the other hand, paid web hosting services include complete and tight website security. These web hosts offer security plugins. These security plugins keep the website’s data protected.

These plugins keep you informed about your website security. They detect any kind of threat and fix it.

So, we are damn sure to say that free web hosting platforms are not enough to provide such security. Web hosting WordPress provides high security.

Who Need Web Hosting

If you are a person who wants to do business through a website on the internet then, you will need the best web hosting services.

If you want to sell products, sell services, and earn some profit, you need a website with attractive domain and outclass web hosting. Best web hosting will allow you to customize your website according to your business need. In this way, you’ll surely get what you want through your website.

FAQ 2/3 –

Q 1. Is domain name compulsory for hosting? 

The answer is yes. A domain name is the name of your website that tells people about your website and shows the data uploaded on your website. To make a complete website, you’ll need both domain names and web hosting.

Q 2. Can I move my domain name and website to another web hosting company?

The answer is yes, you can do that at any time. Generally, when you register a domain name at that time you own the right to transfer it to another web hosting company.

What About Free Web Hosting?

You know by now why you need web hosting, but you want to pay for that or looking for free web hosting? Some websites show free platforms to build a website with free web hosting. So why not just go with one of them?

But with free web hosting, there are some limitations. it’s a choice that comes with serious risks.

about free web hosting services

  • Free web hosting has more restrictions –

While you are going to host a free website there are various limitations like customization and branding options. With this, you can’t design your website with preferences and specifications. While these features you can get with other paid web hosting services.

  • It may not free – charge some cost –

Some web hosting only shows a “free” tag to get you signed up, once you are done with that, then after they demand charges.

  • You might lose everything –

No matter what the things but if your free web hosting provider, they don’t want hosted website anymore. There is nothing you can do that. The only option that you have to start your website from scratch.

Types of Web Hosting Available:

There are various types of web hosting services available depends on various factors such as storage, support, speed, security, etc. You can select any type of web hosting depends on your requirement.

Below you’ll find a list of the most common hosting types:

types of web hosting service

  • Shared Hosting – It is the cheapest web hosting among all web hosting services. In this hosting single server shared between various sites hosted on a single server.
  • Dedicated Server Hosting – It provides ultimate control and customization. Only a single website can be stored on the given server. This gives overall higher performance.
  • Cloud Hosting – It is great for large volume traffic websites that have a more global audience.
  • VPS Hosting – In that hosting private server is divided into individual servers that act as a dedicated server. It is a great choice for those who need more control and server resources.

vps web hosting for business

FAQ 3/3 –

Q 1. What does web hosting cost?

The question id bit complicated, every web hosting cost different depends on hosting plans. DomainRacer []is the best web hosting company that offer cheap web hosting plans with quality features.

Q 2. How much disk space do I need?

Disk space is total space available for users to store files. The amount of disk space that I need is dependent on the type of media files that will be hosting through the site. It’s not fixed. It varies depending on your website.


It is concluded that whenever you want to store online and share data on your website. You’ll need web hosting. Web hosting will offer you different other features like plugins, security options, customization etc.