There are a lot people all around the world who are still confused about website and domain. Internet is widely used in the whole world nowadays.

Internet is all about domain and website. We search for anything through visiting different website. And can be  download anything from the websites.

In simple words, almost all the people now search anything on websites and get what they want through internet but they don’t know about domain. 🙁

So, in this article, I will write the difference between domain name and website. I will tell you about domain. So, please read it carefully. 🙂

Web Hosting : Base of Website

Whenever someone purchase a website, he/she uploads some files, documents, important data or media on that website.

Everyone uploads some kind of that to that website because everyone buys website for some purpose. But guess what?

domain and website hosting


You have no space to upload anything on your website without web hosting. Yes, you need web hosting for it. Let us clear this thing buy a simple example,

  • If you buy furniture but you have no house to store it, you will unable to store that furniture. You will have to get a house on rent for storing that furniture.
  • In the same way, you will have to buy some storage/hosting from web hosting companies to store your website data, files and documents online.

What is Mean by Website?

Website is not very hard to understand. Most of the people know about website. The set of pages which is shown on your computer/mobile screen after clicking on the name of any searched keyword in web browser is actually a website .

What Exactly the Domain Is?

The address of the website is actually a domain. When you want to visit any website, you have to type the address of that website in search engine. Let us clear the concept of domain by a simple example.

domain and website registration


Whenever someone wants to visit his/her friend or anyone else’s house, he/she has the address of that place. When person will have address, he/she will be able to visit that place.

In the same way, domain points towards website. Domain is known as the address of website. Without domain, your website is incomplete. You can have domain without web hosting but you cannot have hosting without domain.

The Actual Difference Between Domain & Website:

Website: Any page on world-wide web with a specific domain is actually known as website. Website is like a living entity that changes and updates whenever you want.

Website consists of your files, web hosting, domain name and pages themes etc. You can upload almost any kind of data on to your website to share with the world.

  • Your website may contain pages written in HTML and JavaScript languages. Website is used to show all the content that owner of the website uploads.
  • Website allows visitor to search, watch content, download data and explore the content in the website. On the other hand, domain is just a way to reach the pages of that website. You can purchase website for personal/business use.
  • Website is contains different pages with beautiful and attractive themes. On the other hand, domain is just a URL of that website pages.

You will have to choose a template for your website, customize text, colors and fonts, adding extra widgets and different pages in your website.

Unlike website, domain needs nothing. Domain just needs an attractive name which will be used as an address of that website. Website needs a proper web host like WordPress.

However, domain is free from web host. It doesn’t need any web host. Let,s see what exactly the domain is?

Domain: Free web hosting platforms offer free domains along their name. .com is the example of domain name. There are different types of domains available like .com, .in, .biz, .info, .net etc.

  • Dot com (.com) is the most famous type of domain name which costs little high than other domains name.
  • DomainRacer is the best seller of domains. You can purchase any kind of domain with any type of name you want for your website.

web domain and website

Domain name can exist even without a website. You can use that domain to make your email look great. However, most of the people buy domain for their website.

But you can have domain name for your email to. It’ll just make your email look good.

When you register your domain, you’ll have to connect your website with it or you can only connect your email. You can also connect both email and website with your domain.


It is concluded that website and domain are two different things but both are made for each other. You can have domain without website but it’ll not give you any profit or advantage without website.

So, to have website you’ll also need a domain with attractive domain name. However, you can use domain without website. But choice is yours. Get a domain and make a website to make your business online.