When a user purchase the package of web hosting services he allotted cPanel and WHM(Web Host Manager) tools for managing their web service account with the cPanel & WHM Certificate.

cPanel is the site management panel where each separate account holder controls the setting for their particular email account setup. And able to generate email accounts and supervise their files for particular domain.

cPanel is online panel that help user to administer Linux hosting services. With the help of cPanel user can control administrative task of hosting.

WHM is the administrative tool and a back bone of the cPanel. The WHM is account management panel which helps or allows hosting providers to  supervise and control their customer’s hosting accounts.

While bringing the new accounts into existence and adjusting the limits for an account are some task that WHM can perform. User can easily manage light heavy sites with the help of WHM.

Some Overview Points

In this article, I will explain what is cPanel and WHM. You will be able to access cPanel in WHM after reading this article completely.

These points Makes Difference in cPanel & WHM:

    1. Login Methods of cPanel  & WHM
    2. Key Benefits of cPanel & WHM
    3. cPanel & WHM Controller
    4. Port Number for cPanel & WHM
    5. Tasks performed by cPanel & WHM
    6. cPanel & WHM Reseller panel

For getting more knowledge about cPanel and WHM you should refer this whole article as it contains the deep information about it. Let’s begin…

1. Login Methods : cPanel & WHM for Default Login

Let’s start from the “Login”. While accessing any kind of software we have to login in to that particular s/w. The steps for login into cPanel and WHM are shown in the video.

Enter cPanel login URL on the browser. Click MyAccount then click cPanel login from the list drop down. Enter user name and passwords in the fields provided. Click on the login button.

These are the normal steps you have to perform for login into cPanel but this video guide now show you How to login in to the cPanel.

Web Host Manager ( WHM ): Enter WHM login URL on the browser. Enter user name and passwords in the fields provided. Click on the login button.

Apart from that there is simple guide for assist you to how to log in to WHM panel.

2. Key Benefits : cPanel & WHM Main Difference

cPanel permits users to manage sites with ease. Its simpler GUI are also helpful for users to manage system without using website builders.

    1. Allows to manage email according to hosting plans.
    2. It can give control to FTP files to update, delete files from the servers.
    3. Much economical as compare to windows.
    4. It can ensures that your data is secure
    5. Allows to add domains.
    6. Number of add-on and APIs to download WordPress, Druple updates.

These features has made cPanel user friendly in comparison with its peer and competitors.

WHM allows user to access DNS zone of all the domains. It also allows users to create delete or suspend cPanel accounts.

    1. WHM allows different websites to brand themselves by using different WHMs.
    2. It monitors the status of different servers and resources.
    3. Different clients can take newsletters , updates and total deal upgrades through WHMs.
    4. WHM allows user to manage SSL certificates with ease.
    5. WHM allows assignment and whitelisting of IP addresses.
    6. In WHM one can get access to all accounts inside it.

WHM allows user to change domain and usernames also it has total backend control over cPanel accounts.

3. cPanel & WHM : Reseller Hosting Controller

cPanel is a panel used by end user under the reseller of hosting providers. It is used by users to supervise their own hosting account.

WHM is a reseller control panel. It is used by resellers to manage their all hosting accounts of their reseller plans.

4. Port Number for cPanel & WHM

cPanel uses  2082/2083 as its insecure/secure port numbers sequentially . Let’s see in the info-graphics

cpanel whm open source login

WHM uses 2086/2087 as its insecure/secure port numbers sequentially . Let’s see in the info-graphicscpanel optimize whm login

5. Tasks Performed by cPanel & WHM

 cPanel is an end user dash board for managing individual users accounts. It is available on all DomainRacer hosting services.

Where WHM is used as dedicated servers or VPS hosting services. It is not available with standard web hosting services.

Some Functions Performed By cPanel & WHM

No. cPanel WHM
1 Account File Management Creates New Accounts
2 Install Web Applications Add Domains to the Servers
3 Edit DNS Record for the Domains Manage Hosting and Account Features
4 Create and Manage Database Reset cPanel Account
5 Monitors Web Traffic Manage cPanel Account Restriction
6 Backup and Restore Account Data Modifies DNS Zone Records
7 Manages add on Domains and Sub-domains Performs System and Control Panel Maintenance

WHM also perform operations like configuring name servers as well as create and modify hosting packages. So the operations performed by WHM & cPanel are different but equally important.

6. cPanel & WHM Reseller Panel : For Reseller Hosting

The cPanel control panel is utilizes for managing the hosting account under the domain. When anyone sign up for a reselling cPanel account to select the main domain name that can be accessed through the main cPanel account.

The login credentials of cPanel are similar to WHM account credential. If anyone wants to reset the cPanel account password, they have to set the new WHM password. They both will synchronized.

The WHM is a reseller control panel. It is used by all users to manage their all hosting accounts using reseller plan. The reseller user is the next to the command to the server administrator. A reseller has to access restricted set of features.

The server administrator only allow access to the features that affect the customer accounts of the reseller but not the complete servers.

And the access is assigned along with Reseller panel WHM where the reseller manages all the resold accounts.

All the resold accounts come under the Reseller panel WHM. It is easy to manage, create and maintain the resold accounts through the reseller panel WHM.


In simple words, it is concluded that both cPanel and WHM have their own importance. WHM is used by resellers.

Reseller manage all their accounts with WHM. So, WHM cannot be replaced by cPanel.

On the other hand, end users use cPanel for accessing web hosting. It just allows the access to web hosting account. However, both has different uses, login methods and all.