Are you really looking for a way to get your visitors to revisit your page?

Or get updated with the latest information about your product and services?

Then you got a perfect article for this. The Push notifications is designed to help you to do just that.

For sending push notification to the user there different WordPress plugins are available nowadays which can deliver your information to the people.

Know More about WordPress Push Notification Plugins

A push notification is an auto-generated message that is used to send the former website visitors even when they are not currently present on the website.

Before sending a pop-up message it will first ask visitors if they are ready to receive a push notification in the future. If visitors accept then push message will send for any new site updates, articles, products, and offers any more.

Usage of WordPress push notification:

Before you are going to install push notifications WordPress plugin, you need to know its usage.

  • Push notifications will help you to drive 3x traffic.
  • Helps Visitors will get the latest update and increase engagement ratio.
  • Lead Generation, as well as massive growth in sales can be possible.

Things you should look in the WordPress Push Notification Plugin

When you are going to install WordPress notifications plugin you check to look some below things:

Which Browse does the Plugin Support? – Most of the plugins support Chrome and Firefox browsers, they do not support any other browser, and then there might be a problem.

What additional feature does it offer? – You need to check does it provides any additional features such as scheduling, segmentation, A/B testing and more.

A number of subscribers it allows –  You need to check how many subscribers you will have? is any other service available which is cheaper than this?

You can check such points and then select or install the best push WordPress notification plugin carefully.

#5 Best WordPress Plugins for Push Notifications

Here forth we are going to explain the best WordPress plugins that are perfect for sending push notifications.

#1. One Signal – Web Push Notifications

The one signal WordPress plugin used to send notifications to your subscribers in real-time. It allows you to customize the opt-in.

It sends notifications to a segment based on a number of factors like language and the number of times they visited to your site. Also, you can set up the attributes of your user.

onesignal web push notifications

This plugin is very compatible software like chrome (desktop and Android), Firefox (desktop only), Safari (Mac Os X), opera (desktop and Android) and Microsoft edge.

The A/B test allows you to monitor the response of the user to your notification by showing you the notification and the number of revisits they garnered.

And the beneficial part is this plugin is free. 😉

#2. Push Notification WordPress Lite – WordPress Plugin

The push notification WordPress lite plugin gives unlimited notifications.

It allows your subscribers to select the type of notifications they wish to receive by selecting options in the categories of posts.

Hence, they will not be bored by irrelevant notification and the risk of losing subscribers will be minimal.

It gives you in-depth analytics on the performance of your site and what notifications brings in more revisit.

It supports Chrome (desktop and Android), Safari (Mac Os X) and Firefox (desktop).

#3. Push Monkey – Notification Plugin for Desktop

Push monkey plugin sends notifications directly to the desktop of the subscribers. It is compatible with different browsers.

wordpress pwa notifications push monkey

The subscriber has to sign up to receive notifications through his/her desktop browser.

The subscriber does not receive random notifications but only he/she signs up for.

#4 Roost Web Push – Notification Plugin for WordPress Web

The roots web push plugin can either send automatic notifications to a particular group or one to one basis. Notifications can be sent with the article’s title or image.

Hence, you can customize your viewer’s experience. It allows subscribers to choose the number and type of messages they receive.

The plugin is easy to set up and it supports Chrome (desktop and Android), Firefox and Safari.

Roost web push plugin is free for the first 30,000 subscribers. This plugin has a bell icon that allows the subscribers to see recent notifications.

It also gives for sharing. By sharing the content of the post on their social media handles more traffic can visit your site.

#5 Push Crew – Notification Plugin for Browser

This Push Crew sends notifications automatically to your subscribers. It supports Chrome (desktop and Android) and Firefox (desktop).

It can be set to send notifications at a given time to targeted visitors.

Hence, subscribers cannot receive notifications that the time-frame has elapsed.

It allows notifications to be sent with either one or two calls to action. The push crew is a free plugin.

web push crew notifications

The above-mentioned WordPress plugins are suitable for sending push notifications particularly for a small enterprise that may not have the luxury of purchasing the premium ones.

Summing It Up…

These plugins are easy to set up thus you can choose for your push notifications.

I hope it will help you find a solution that suits you. Feel free to share this article with your friends on your favorite social networks.