Starting a Real estate agency website is now very simple and the market has already solved (with WordPress plugins). This article will share the top and best WordPress based real estate listing plugins, which blows your mind. It also helps you to create real estate website.

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Are you a real estate agent? Are you looking to design a property listing WordPress website that can attract clients to seek your expertise? For that, the right tools can make the entire part easy for your real estate website.

WordPress powers your flexibility and plugins add great real estate experience to your user, in short. User experience means more sale and more sale means more revenue.

Best 8 Real Estate WordPress Plugins – Extra Value to Website:

So, let’s start with the main topic. Firstly I would like to list all the plugins which I am going to explain…

    1. Estatik – The Real  Estate WordPress Plugin
    2. Real Estate Pro WordPress Plugin
    3. Easy Property Listing – for Listing
    4. WordPress Property Listing (WPL)
    5. IMPress Listing Real Estate WP Plugin
    6. Essential Real Estate WordPress Plugin
    7. WordPress Amortization Calculator
    8. WordPress-Property Real Estate Plugin

These are some of the best WordPress plugins that are essential to design a professional real estate website for estate agents. Let’s start with the explanation… 🙂

#1. Estatik – The Real  Estate WordPress Plugin

The estatik plugin is ideal for a solo real estate agent. It allows you to create a responsive mobile-friendly layout. It supports google map and social media integration.

great essential real estate plugin for properly

It allows you to easily customize fields within your listings. Other features of this plugin include translation and multilingual support, advanced search property and slide show.

It is available in two premium versions and also in Pro version with its bunch of great features.

#2. Real Estate Pro WordPress Plugin

The real estate pro is an easy to use a plugin that provides you the necessary pages, email templates, and settings but you have to install it first.

It supports PayPal and Stripe channel of payment. It is fully responsive and the listing modules often come with a beautiful gallery image.

#3 Easy Property Listing – Plugin For Listing

This plugin is ideal for beginners. It is customizable and very flexible for designing real estate websites without touching code and changing the theme.

WordPress plugins for real estate listings management

It is one of the easiest plugins available for real estate agents to design their website. Some of its advanced features include translations/multilingual support, advanced maps, REAXML, JUPIX, and MLS systems.

#4. WordPress Property Listing Plugin (WPL)

The WordPress property listing is one of the most popularly used plugins for real estate websites. It allows you to share the listing on social media platforms and it improves your data and listing management.

Hence, you can edit fields without effecting any change to the data in the database.

#5. IMPress Listing Real Estate WP Plugin

This is a free plugin that you can use to create your listing taxonomy in addition to the default ones. It has a responsive mobile-friendly interface.

By default, it sorts your listings and it can transfer your agent press listing to IMPress.

#6. Essential Real Estate WordPress Plugin

This is one of the best plugins for the real estate website. Its free version comes with a lot of premium features.

best real estate listing wordpress agency plugin

It is highly customizable and supports global payment, single list properties, and single agents.

#7. WordPress Amortization Calculator

This is a premium plugin that allows you to create a mortgage loan calculator on your real estate website.

free wp plugins for real estate website

This calculator is highly customizable and is of top quality. It sends a free PDF report to customer’s email; a feature that allows it to generate leads for your website.

Its other features include support for different currency format and translation support.

#8. WordPress-Property Real Estate Plugin

This is an easy to use plugin that allows you to effectively manage your listings on your real estate website. It has sidebar widgets and short code that allows the display of listing on sites.

Last Words…

The above-mentioned plugins will give your website as a real estate agent that perfect touch you so much desire. These plugins will give you the luxury of transforming your website into a professional one.