When you are going to buy something new so always take a look for review about that particular thing or ask about it to the seller or another customer then you decide to buy it or not.

Same like the above scenario while you have to hire web design or development company for your project then you have to directly contact them and ask some important web design agency FAQ.

These are the frequently asked question (FAQ) when hiring a web design and development company. These are the questions you can ask while hiring an agency to build your company site.

  1. How long will it take for my website to be designed?
  2. Do you use a custom design website or use a pre-made template?
  3. Do you provide a project sample of the work you have done in the past?
  4. How much will a website cost me?
  5. Once my website is designed is completed, will you provide maintenance service?
  6. How will my project to be managed and who will work on my project?
  7. Will my website is search engine friendly?
  8. Will my website can be expanded as my business grows?
  9. Will my website is compatible with smartphone, tablet and other mobile devices?
  10. What are the information’s you need from our end?
  11. How do you determine keyword for my website?
  12. How much time is devoted to analyzing my business and competitors?
  13. Do you perform a/b testing?
  14. How many years the domain and hosting will be registered for the site?
  15. Do you guarantee that my website will always be available?
  16. What happens if i don’t like the initial design?

Here is list of questions let’s discuss the questions one by one.

1. How Long Will It Take For My Website To Be Designed?

This is the important question to ask with any company you outsourcing. Because they have to work with a proper deadline and have to deliver the full result.

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This should be your first question to ask the responsive web design agency. So that by both end it does not create any mess and developer get the idea about time or deadline about the project.

2. Do You Use a Custom Design Website or Use a Pre-Made Template?

Its another question to ask. Most of the web design agency use pre-template or website builder to design the website. So, you need to make sure this one with the company your outsourcing the project with.

Because you may look for unique web design and your business may fully depend on the website. In that case, you need a unique and functional website design.

3. Do You Provide a Project Sample of the Work You Have Done in the Past?

This question will help you find out the Previous project experience of the company. It probably gives you an idea about how much qualitative will be your project.

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So, you need to analyze the previous work and the customer experience with that company. So, always ask this question and check the work samples. So you can easily choose a web design company

4. How Much Will a Website Cost Me?

This is an important and frequently asked question to web design company whether they are work inside of your budget. So, ask this question with the company to know the price of the website design service.

Here, you can negotiate with your agency based on your budget. Try to analyze the market price of the website design by contacting similar companies like that.

5. Once My Website is Designed is Completed, Will You Provide Maintenance Service?

This is the most important question while hiring a web design agency. Because they have to offer some technical support from their side while you face a technical problem.

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Website having server error, hosting downtime, AMP pages error and many more thing. So, technical support and maintenance support policy you have to ask before outsourcing the project.

6. How Will My Project To Be Managed And Who Will Work On My Project?

This is the question to know what is the process is they will follow for building the site. And also you can figure it out whether the experienced person will handle your project or not.

So, this is another thing need to make sure while outsourcing your web development company website project.

7. Will My Website is Search Engine Friendly?

This question is helps you understand whether they are giving preference to SEO or not. Because the end of the day website should create traffic and UI experience.

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SEO traffic is converting more customer than all other channels. So, it’s hard to ignore. That’s why you have to ask this question to the hiring web development agency.

8. Will My Website Can Be Expanded As My Business Grows?

This is another important question to ask. Because  In the near future you may add a lot of products and services for scaling our website. So, you have to make sure they are again working on yours for adding these content to your site.

9. Will My Website Is Compatible With Smartphone, Tablet And Other Mobile Devices?

Mobile compatible websites are must one for good SEO and user experience because of the use of mobile devices are increasing vastly.

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So asking this question it helps the agency to understand your requirement and also you can make sure whether they are concentrating on this or not.

10. What Are The Information’s You Need From Our End?

Once. you asked only you can give the materials and a small write up about the business from your end. You have to provide the picture, write up, and customer testimonial for adding these content in your website.

11. How Do You Determine Keyword For My Website?

Having the right keyword on each page is a very important and essential thing for website SEO.

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So, you need to make sure whether they are using the keywords and doing keyword research or not.

12. How Much Time Is Devoted To Analyzing My Business And Competitors?

This is to clarify whether they are trying to understand the business or not. It’s very important for them to understand the business module before start actually doing it.

The competitor analysis is must to come up with a good strategy.

13. Do You Perform A/B Testing?

This is important for conversion and usability test to check your pages are optimized for giving best results. A/B test will increase your conversion and sales.

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So pretty much important to make sure they are doing it on your new website. If they don’t ask for it because it will create an impact on your website.

14. How Many Years The Domain And Hosting Will Be Registered For The Site?

His will help you understand renewal time and also the packages time. So that this question helps you contact them next particular time for the renewal.

15. Do You Guarantee That My Website Will Always Be Available?

This is to make sure they will provide Good uptime for the hosting or not. Because it will directly impact on your website or your business.

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So, you need to make sure they are guaranteed this and how much time the uptime guarantee everything you can know.

16. What Happens If I Don’t Like The Initial Design?

This is you need to clarify whether they are okay with the revisions as per your feedback. Some of them are okay with the small changes and many of them are not okay with the unlimited changes. So, before outsourcing the project you need to clarify this one.

Conclusion: These are the top and most important questions you need to ask your new hiring agency for website design and development.